Communication in a relationship

How to communicate in a relationship

 communication Communication is the key to all relationships, It is a good resource for expressing your feelings, thoughts, and state of mind. There are different kinds of relationship, this includes the relationship with children, the relationship between families, the relationship between boyfriend, girlfriend and work- relationship, but the livelihood and resourcefulness of all these relationships are communication.
It is very important to communicate because it helps in the growth of a family, business, any kind of relationship and it gives room for motivation in our different areas of specialization due to the fact that we can relate and express our thoughts and state of mind which makes room for understanding.
Every good relationship needs communication and it can be a great enemy or problem if there is none between couples, family, friends and sometimes your relationship could be in jeopardy if it lacks communication. Another big communication problem is at home if your kids find it difficult expressing their thoughts, feelings or explaining their life situation with you because of  fear or lack of trust.
communication, as we all know, helps in transferring information from one party to another. In any relationship, communication makes it possible for you to let someone else know how you feel, what you are experiencing, what you need and impacting your ideas to another especially your partner, boss, parents, and friends. The process of communicating with another without stress makes it possible for you to get what you want, it also helps in creating a great bond in your relationship with your boss, spouse, children, and friends.
There are times we want to communicate an information to our friends, partner, relation, colleagues especially when we have something troubling us and we would like to open up about it, it is always a good idea to express yourself at a suitable, right and convenient time so you can be heard by the other party.
Communication in a relationship is highly essential because it is the main source of a good relationship, for without it the relationship would be wobbly and there would be issues here and there due to lack of proper understanding between the two parties involved. Effective communication can avoid any form of argument which would normally arise in any form of relationship.
Despite the fact that we have all kinds relationship does not leave out the fact that the source, juice or value of any good relationship is communication and it always brings to the table success in business, marriages, with children and friends.

There are some things that we will need to put into consideration when communicating with others:

  1. Show respect for each others opinion

  2. Honesty and sincerity when communicating with others

  3. Hear each other out when necessary by listening

  4. Do not assume that you know better or that you are always right

  5. Be cautious, Be patient, show love and understanding

  6. Show appreciation and respect for each other

  7. Before responding pause a little bit

  8. Don’t rush in communicating

  9. Be positive and open-minded at all times

  10. Exchange your ideas when necessary to others



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