How To Control Your Emotion

Emotion and our state of mind


blended emotion over different activities or conditions in our lives are commonplace. when faced with beginning a brand new task, you may sense both excitement and nervousness. Getting married or having a baby is probably marked via a wide type of feeling ranging from joy to anxiety. those feelings might occur simultaneously, or you may feel them one after the other, this may be a totally complicated kind of thoughts which includes a few special effects along with  reaction and behavior
emotions makes us rational

Emotion appear to rule our day by day lives. We make choices primarily based on whether we’re satisfied, angry, unhappy, bored, or pissed off. We pick activities and hobbies based on the emotions they motivate. undesirable  feelings together with fashion, jealousy and bitterness will get up as a result of  emotional state of mind. embarrassment, pleasure, contempt, disgrace, delight, satisfaction, and leisure are still a part of the situations that could cause our emotions or state of mind.

crying emotion

As we all know emotions seem to control our daily lives. whatever decision we make normally is based on our state of mind especially when it comes to our mood and most importantly, our state of mind can be determined when we are happy, angry, sad, bored, or frustrated and all the activities that we choose is based on our emotions at that point in time We choose activities such as hobbies and what we like due to what interest we have on an event or subject. Talking about emotions, there are times that we become emotional as a result of fear, disgust, anger, surprise, happiness, and sadness of heart.

types of emotion

We all have different ways by which we control our emotions and some people apply religion and hold unto it as a way for them to control their anger fear and any other emotional feelings they may have at that point in time. There are time when we are in distress and we do not even know what to do and we get confused because of the state of our mind due to strain with emotion , it will be better to , close your eyes, visualize a wonderful resolution or solution to your problem, and have the believe that you have conquered. Sometimes our emotions take control of us and we don’t even know what to do and our thought process at that time may not be the best and it will be better to try our best to take our mind away from our troubles and and think of something more positive that will make us happy at that time.

unhappy emotion

We all have emotional feelings one way or the other regardless of where we come from, culture , orientation and ways of life and sometime we can combine these emotion in a number of ways for instance, due to anticipation and when we are happy can lead to a lot of excitement. There are different circumstances or situations which arise as a result of emotional trauma, unfortunately we all have mixed emotion as far as different situations and events in our various lives are concerned. for instance starting a new job might get you excited and at the same time nervous. family situation such as marriage, child birth might trigger a lot of  emotion beginning  from anxiety to joy and you might feel these emotions consecutively.















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