Difference Between Rich And Poor

Disparity And Difference Between Rich And Poor

the rich and the poor

 Rich and poor people exist in every society and there are differences between them.  The fact remains that we can get to our goals depending on our motives, desires, hard-work and how much effort we put into what we have passion and interest on. The rich are more determined to archive their goals no matter what it takes and the poor are kind of skeptical about their decision and how much effort they don’t want to put into things because of fear and lack of zeal.  Determination to make success and risk taking is a matter of choice which is, do I want to do whatever it takes to get up there and become rich or do I want to stay where I am and manage whatever life and the society in which I find myself throws at me or has to offer?. http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/2011/11/01/what-are-the-differences-between-the-rich-and-the-poor/

rich and poor

The rich people are those that have the power, authority and influence especially in their business, work  and daily activities and the rich always think of what to do to turn what they have into more and they are always ready to take whatever risk that needs be taken to get their goals, they always have the mindset of acting in spite of fear and are ready to take risks, no matter what it takes and always want to make things happen. The poor are always contented with what life has to offer and do not think outside the box and are not adventurous in any way but are more concerned about their daily job and living their lives the way they see it. the poor never want to venture and always have after thoughts and allow fear to stop them and most times, they do not put any effort into looking for solution to their problems.


I want us to look at some critical difference between  the rich and the poor people:

  1. The rich are trusting unless you give them a good reason to doubt while the poor are very skeptical about things and situations.

  2. The poor makes a lot of assumptions and the poor like asking questions because of answers and solutions to whatever is their problem.

  3. The rich always see, recognize  and focus on opportunities, they don’t waste time in grabbing it while the poor always look for obstacles.

  4. Rich people are always persistent and committed to their life goals and dreams while the poor do not.


The good thing is that everybody have the potential and tendencies of being rich and poor depending on the effort you put into it and how focused you are and that includes you and me. The most important thing is having the right mindset which will help you in whatever your focus or achievements are in overcoming all challenges of life.  The greatest key of all time is you not giving up and cultivating the right habit. Focus, determination and hard-work will help you in achieving the financial freedom you want. You must believe that you are the one to make things happen for you and not other people, society or events. wealth is a possibility for everybody but few determined and focused always hit their target or goals.


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