How far can you go to please your mate or partner?

Making your partner happy

a partner is a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or regular relationship,  Every good relationship always involves sacrifices for each other. and as we all know, love is always a give and take situation.  There are different kinds of relationships and the best kind is a business relationship or regular relationship with your mate/partner.
partner True love can make partners go to any length to do things for each other. The foundation of any relationship is sacrifice and willingness to support, help, and compromise no matter what the situation.  Sometimes the sacrifices we make can be life-changing, especially when we have to satisfy our partners needs to our own inconvenience or detriment.
partner Love as we all know has a uniqueness to it, the impression and attraction that partners have on each other can be very useful and for the sake of love and relationship, we can do things beyond expectation for each other. Every relationship has a sacrificed level to it, many people always want to sacrifice everything to make their partner happy and also to bring peace between them.
partner Some people are ready to forfeit their own needs just to please their partner and make them happy, as we all know where there is love there is peace and sometimes challenges.  No matter what the situation or challenges we face, we always do our best to please and make our mate or partner happy, sometimes we wonder if our action or reaction towards them could be an act of love or fear of losing them.
Love is always a source of happiness for all partners and when you meet someone whom you adore, respect and honor, you are always ready to satisfy and please them most of the time.  There are times when something comes up and our partner have to relocate and we will have to decide if to stay or go with them, to our own detriment.

Despite our commitment to what we do, we still have to consider our partner’s first due to the fact that we love, cherish, adore, honor and respect them, we will have to make the choice of sacrificing for them at our own detriment or expense. Somebody once said to me, for the sake of love and commitment, I am ready to go to any length to make my partner or mate happy.


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