How to avoid Domestic violence in our world Today

Domestic violence and it’s effect

Domestic violence

 Domestic violence is a very sensitive issue to discuss and this is one of the epidemics that we see in our society today and we wonder what we can do as individuals and society to control it.  Domestic violence is common in some relationship, sometimes with parents, couples, and kids, this makes us wonder as a society about what we can do to help this situation.

Charity they say begins at home, there are so many ways by which we ourselves can control domestic violence starting with the control of our anger.  It could be tough on a lot of people because they are used to being violent when they are angry and they find it difficult to control themselves when they are consumed with rage.

Domestic violence

There are measures we ourselves can take to help such situation, we can learn to walk away when the other party gets us upset or is upset, because during the heat of an argument is when Domestic violence often happens, so for us to get ourselves in control of the situation, the best thing to do is to walk out of the house for a while and whenever we are calm we can come back to the house and say nothing for a while.

To be our neighbor’s keeper, we can alert the authorities when we hear some serious argument from our neighbors, which we cannot control because we are not the one involved directly.  Whatever we do, we need to understand that the safety of others in our environment, society as a whole is very essential.
Domestic violence
The truth about controlling domestic violence depends on the type of relationship you have with your spouse, family and friends, there are so many things that will help in controlling domestic violence, this includes anger control, learning to understand each other as partners, friends or couples.  The key is patience and most importantly is remembering to be a role model to your children.

To create peace in our environment, community and in the family, we need to take some steps in order to avoid domestic violence in our world today.

Get the cops involved if you suspect any form of domestic issues from your neighbors or around you.
Domestic violence
Letting your friend know that you are not happy with their attitude towards their partner could save a life and be a source of control for any drastic situation.

Create a healthy, loving, respectful and understanding relationship with your partner, making it possible for your kids and people around you to look up to you as a role model.

Talking to your neighbor or friend about your concerns when you suspect that they are abusive and aggressive towards their household would go a long way.

It will be a good thing if people are educated by domestic violence organizations, religious groups, schools and in Some professional sector about the implications, effect, permanent scar, and the damage of domestic violence in our homes and how to prevent it.

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