How to Cultivate Everyday Gratitude in Kids

Making kids know the values of gratitude


Everyone one way or another owe each other and we need to show some gratitude for whatever someone else does for us and they have to reciprocate same. I know of a saying which states that, if you show appreciation or gratitude for what is done for you today definitely you will get more tomorrow and for this reason we have to cultivate everyday gratitude in our kids.

They need to know that they have to show respect, appreciation, gratitude for the food we give to them, for the toys and games that we provide for them and for everything that someone else does for them, either from a known or unknown person, they need to know the value of appreciation.

As we must know gratitude is a process which helps in the improvement of any relationship, no matter how small. If we have co-workers, business partners, our partners at home, kids, friends and family members who show gratitude or appreciation for what we do, will make us appreciate them more, thereby creating room for a stronger, positive and reliable relationship. Cultivating these good habits of knowing the value of showing gratitude will go a long way.


What exactly can we do to help kids in the habit of showing gratitude?

1. We need to make them appreciate everything we do for them at home and make sure we instill the habit of them knowing the right time to say thank you.

2. Do your best to be a good role model for them, because it will encourage them to do the right things at the right time, also it will help them appreciate their friends, colleagues, and acquaintances

3. Being good and wonderful parents for our children always makes them grateful even if you don’t seem to notice or realize it.

4. Respecting their opinion and giving them space when the need arises.

5. Sometimes it is always a good idea to make them work for what they want, or if the situation warrants, it would be nice if they can work and buy things on their own which will make them appreciate what is given to them because they will know what it takes to give something to someone which will end up making them understand what gratitude is all about

6. Let them know how you appreciate, their God-given talent,  strength, skill that you adore and do your best to compliment all their efforts

7.  Make them realize that you will always be there for them and if they ever want to talk about anything, that you are there for them.

8. Do your best to be a good listener whenever they have something important to say to you.

9. Make them realize that everything in life counts no matter how small or big and let them know that they must be thankful for everything and show gratitude to those who do one thing or another for them.

10. whichever way we want to cultivate gratitude in our kids, we must do our best to apply understanding, patience and give them a listening ear so that they will understand and appreciate what we are trying to teach or tell them.


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