What Is Involved In Being A Fine Parent

What It Takes To Be A Fine Parent

chinese familyBeing a fine parent could be easy, tough and adventurous at the same time due to the challenges that come with it especially when we have challenging and stubborn children, but it is always a good as a parent because of the joy and happiness that comes with it.  Everybody no matter how bad they are or how bad their situation, they always do their best and many parent want their kids to look at them as role models and be proud of them, there is the saying about great parents not born but made, great and fine parent could result from the passion and joy of being parents.


What does it really take being a good parent?, Fine parents are the ones that want to make sure their children are happy, no matter what the situation is or could be for them, they always want their kids to put on the best clothing, go to the best school, get the best education, keep them away from harm or any form of danger, always providing for them in times of need.  Sometimes it is tough for some parents, especially when their kids are not doing the right thing, they always try their best by being there for them no matter what the situation or circumstance.


A good and fine parent should make sure their kids are serious with their school home work and their studies and should teach them how to do all the necessary chores at home.  It is good to create time for them by taking them out to watch movies, swimming and other forms of recreation activities, no matter how tight their schedule is, sometimes we could be frustrated with the attitude and behavior of some of our kids, but we should learn patience and be in control of our frustration and anger.


We need to check what they are doing, what they watch on television, the types of friends they make or talk and who they hang out with especially as teenagers, we should do our best to caution or correct them when the need arises, especially when they use wrong languages, swear words,curses and profane words.  As we all know some children could be defiant, all we need to do is talk to them calmly and let them realize the effect of their action and their mistakes, but try not to get too upset with them.

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We need to do our best as parents by making ourselves and our kids happy, we should give them audience when the need arises and should also be strict with them when it is necessary. As fine parents we need discipline them but to some level and whatever we do, we should try our best to control our anger and frustration.



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