loneliness – when was the last time you felt loneliness

How does it feel like to be really Lonely


Loneliness is always a devastating situation and always arises as a result of different circumstances or situations, like loss of a dear family member, breakup in a relationship, being made jest off by friends in school and a lot of other reasons. Looking at it critically it has always been painful and disturbing when you don’t feel connected to others. We as humans always want friendship, love, cordiality and acquaintance.


loneliness is a signal that an important or basic need is not being met, such as the need to develop a circle of friends, or a special relationship or the need for support. It is always very terrible when you feel the need for warmth, the need for understanding and support and it’s not there, especially when you have a special program and you want your family there for you or sometimes, you want an advice to solve a problem and no one is there for you.
The need and longing to share your feelings and thoughts with others but nobody is there to listen to you can make you really and truly lonely. Loneliness can also arise as a result of insecurity, inferiority complex, the feeling that you are not acceptable and loved by people around you, the feeling that you have no choice but, be lonely.

The last time I felt lonely was when I was far away from my family due to circumstances beyond my control which led to loneliness and because of this, I had to console myself by getting a dog to keep my company which made me a little happy.
LonelinessThere are others with similar or different cases that warrants loneliness, like the case of a teenager who had a sweet and loving parents but lost them to an accident, or the case of a student who likes been teased or bullied all the time by her fellow students can lead to that student being truly and really lonely.

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