Mother – The Value of a mother

The love of  a mother

motherA mother is the other parent of a child, they are always there to take care and create a good relationship with their children, who may be their biological children or not.

If we look at it critically, we will see that Every good mother, wants to be part of a child’s life from the beginning to the end, that is why they want to be there to raise their kids, supply their needs and be there for them.

Let’s take a look at a situation where a child is sick or something is wrong, her first priority is making sure the child is well and in good condition of health, she will make sure she is there for them.

The most amazing part of motherhood is the bond, love and the relationship which arises between them and their kids.  To the mother, their kids are still their little boy or girl no matter the age.

motherMotherhood is a very special place in a child’s life, which creates a great bond and relationship between them.  A mother is a woman who has the interest, love, and well-being of a child at heart and is always there for them no matter what.

They try their best to teach the child, so they can be of value to themselves and the society they end up leaving in.  The love they develop for their kids is always very great.

MotherThere are three types of mother’s, the birth, the adoptive and the surrogate.  They all have the full love, care, and feeling for their children.

Considering what a mother is and how loving they always are, they are always on the lookout for a child no matter what age category that child belongs to. The first priority of a mother is what would benefit the child, even more than her own self.


It is amazing, considering the love they have for us and this is enough reason for us to celebrate and value them because we are what we are today because of their teachings, mentoring and direction.

They are always there to watch over our cradle head, just like they have always done for us since we were infants, sing to us, read books into our ears till we fall asleep.


Every woman who meets all the needs of a child and is always looking out for them no matter what is a mother.  Apart from their love for us as children, Every woman is a mother to their husband, better half, and family, that is why they are always there for us at all times, worrying.


The truth is whatever we are today or hopes to be tomorrow, we owe to them, for they have always directed us in so many ways.  Like Stevie Wonder said “Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love, and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. ”  So we can see how precious they are to us.





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