Obedience Dog Training For You

Obedience Dog Training Helps You And Your Pet Succeed

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Obedience dog training is a very important factor in your life and that of your dog, Just as the bible saying goes: Train your child and he or she will give you rest so also does it apply to your dog, the way and manner in which you train your dog will decide  how much peace you will have especially when you have visitors or strangers at your home. Proper dog training is very necessary and important for a long happy good and safe relationship with your dog and friends.   Make sure your dog is physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally happy anytime your dog is with you or with any other person. A positive approach is the best key to a good dog training  which eventually makes life easy for you


Most times it is always good to walk your dog, especially walking through a crowd and sometimes meeting other leashed dogs and new people is a great privilege to the dog and this voluntary and reliable method will promote a good and better relationship of mutual respect and trust between the owner and the pet.  This positive orientation will eventually lead to a good behavior and better direction for the dog

Obedience dog training

benefits of good training include:

1. Friendly communication and good behavior

2. following instructions

3.better response to owner and friends

4. Enriching the dog mind to find a rewarding behavior

5. Understand the right cue especially at home and in public places

6. compassion which increases the tie between the dog and the owner

7. Good training creates a good, better and enjoyable environment for you and your dog. A well-trained dog will give you peace of mind

8. Good training creates room for  a bond between you and your dog

9. Mental exercise is what every dog needs and with good training they can think and learn at the same time

10. Good training gives you room  and better tool for control over your pet especially if your dog goes out of control or have behavior issue

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Obedience Dog training is a very reliable experience for you and your dog and it is very useful in many ways and this includes reinforcing your pet positively.  Positive reinforcement makes your dog realize what is right and wrong, it makes them do what you want them to do,  sometimes you want to punish them for the bad that they do, but that does not show or teach them what to do, on the other hand, punishment does not really help in the training process. reinforcing your dog positively can create a very good and interesting relationship between you and your pet.  Obedience dog training usually refers to the very basic training such as making the dog respond to basic commands such as: “sit”, “down”, “come”, “stay”, “Stop”, “Backup”, “Growl“, Shake”, “Shake hands”, “Stand”, “Steady”,  “Go to bed”, “Drop or drop it”, “Roll Over” E.T.C, this are all basic training which would be of benefit to you and your dog in the process.


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