Spring Is Here Again

What do you do in spring?

in the park

Spring is here again after a long winter, some people are getting ready for the spring and all that comes with it, especially the excitement of what you can do at this time, the outing, hiking, bicycle ride, going to the beach,  fishing, going to the park and other places of interest and Easter is around the corner with a lot of other outdoor activities which comes with it, most importantly with your family.  Some people use this period to see the world by traveling to places of interest, so the excitement of the spring is something which a lot are happy about.

fun at park

The winter is a time that you are somehow handicapped because you are somehow restricted from doing a lot of things that you would have loved to do. the most interesting part about this period is the handwriting on the wall which tells you that spring is here: The immigrated birds coming back in mass from wherever they migrated to in winter, the birds making noises in the trees and the grass turning green again, this are all the signs and are very exciting.


The weather at this time varies depending on where you leave, but  most times the temperature increases and there is rain and this is the melting time for the snow as the weather gets warmer which can cause some water ways to flood although there are areas that barely recognize the spring because the weather still kind of stay the same, but 90% of the time most places are the same and they appreciate the spring with all its hustling and bustling.  The weather this time is cool and the temperature can go up to the 50’s or 60’s and there could be some rain in the month of April. The weather this period is mostly good, but it will be a nice idea to have a light jacket on you and make sure you have your umbrella and probably a hoodie for rain because you never know when there will be a downpour.


This is the time when families think of going out to swim in the pool or to the beach and sometimes to the park and very interesting places and some prefer going to the restaurants and bars, places of interest like the museum and a lot of other interesting places especially in bigger cities.


Spring is like old things have passed away and all things have become new because it is one of the most beautiful period. This is when we have increase in daylight. If you move around, you will hear the bees buzzing and the flowers will start blooming again after a long winter, you see the sun shining bright, trees growing taller, animals chasing after each other, the squirrels coming out from their abode, the plants growing “Oh what a happy day” and the sky is very clear at this time. The kids are just happy because they can run around and have fun as much as they can get. So  spring is like a new day after a very long night. That means we need be optimistic all the time and this could be the best time to plan the year ahead of you.


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