Thanksgiving-The Elegance Of Thanksgiving

The Beauty Of Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving has been a celebrated festival every year.  Everyone has one thing or the other that makes them thankful, especially our life, our families, our jobs, our children, our businesses and many other things. We cannot be thankful enough and once every year we do our best to show appreciation by celebrating our thankfulness.

Thanksgiving comes with different ideas when it comes to decoration, food and your turkey.  Make sure every visitor and family members had fun on Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving was made unique with Deserts after food.

This occasion has its values because, it involves family, friends, acquaintances, and associates.  Everybody comes together on that day to celebrate how thankful they are in all that has happened in their life, Thanksgiving is a known celebration in some countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other places.
What makes this day elegant is a question in the mind of some people? but, if we view it within our mind, we shall see that it is a day set aside for parades, eating turkey, stuffing, desserts, food and other forms of merriment.  It is a day of being thankful, it helps in bringing families, friends, together.  We can somehow compare it to Xmas in its own way.

We all have different questions on why we celebrate Thanksgiving, looking back at history, we would understand the purpose and reason for the celebration.  From history, English refugees invited Native Americans to a celebration after a successful harvest season.

The way Thanksgiving was celebrated in the past is different from today, The celebration was with cod, goose, lobster, deer in the past and not with Turkey as of today. Turkey is eaten all over America and other places on Thanksgiving day due to its popularity.
It is a happy time with family and friends at the Thanksgiving dinner with plenty of food to eat with people you love, so you are thankful that you are there to share that day with people you care for, You may not have seen some of the people there in a long time, but the thanksgiving has brought everybody together and that makes us all happy.

Preparation for this occasion involves cooking food, turkey, inviting family and friends, this makes it all unique and interesting because everybody is happy. The unique part of it is assigning duties such as setting the table, mashed potato, water and drink, vegetables when everyone arrives and these duties depend on different families.  Some people are responsible for taste- testing the turkey while some people are checking on the younger people.

In some families before the Thanksgiving dinner itself, all the invited members, guests are made to express what they are thankful for with each other.  At the end of the dinner, some families divide up the leftovers for each family, and the men take care of the dishes.  Everyone is happy at the end of the day and no complaint whatsoever.

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