The place where you felt happiness or safety.

A Place Of Happiness And Safety

Happiness and safety

Everybody, one way or the other is looking for a place of happiness  and safety, which could be in a relationship, friendship, at work, in your business or anything of interest to you, just like a little boy will find that safe place where he or she can relate easily to his or her toys, pets or anything of interest to them.

We do have a place of happiness, where we feel safe and happy one way or another and this places could be watching Tv, Reading of Books, focus on your business, Engrossed in your job, focus on your relationship or family and most of the time, this is the place you will prefer to go to when you have crisis on your hands or when you feel uncomfortable about a particular event or situation.

How do you define happiness and safety place for you, sometimes it could be playing music, driving around in your car when you feel sad and depressed, it could be a place of solace which could be your dog or cat or maybe your work or anything that we are attracted to and this makes us happy and safe.

happiness and safety

Anytime we feel bad, sad, worried about something, we would rather go to that one thing that gives us joy and the funny thing is that sometimes we are ready to pour out our heart and soul to this objects even if they do or do not respond back to us.

As normal humans, we always have our place of happiness and safety. There are times when we want to go back to the past to review our place of safety when we were younger, but it would be a good thing if we do our best to forget the past and work towards moving forward to a better life.
happiness and safety
Sometimes we don’t even know our safe place and we keep wondering, how did we get here?, but if we look deep we will always find that safe place and it could be in writing your contents for your articles, blogs, books, and sometimes it could be in that profession that you have sought for all your life and sometimes, it could be in a relationship with your friends and partner or work.

Some of us are looking for that place where we felt happy and safe, especially when we feel lonely, depressed or eager for something, to some people it could be with there pets, games or anything that keeps them busy. Some people find a safe place in reading, learning, developing, writing, creativity, music, understanding others, growing and having fun.

You already know the answer to finding your safe place, where you are happy and where you take solace when necessary.

Make it a priority to create the safest place of happiness for you in your marriage, with your family, friends, with your job, business and possibly your environment. 

Anything that determines happiness, it could be love, progress at work or on your business or with family, this is always the safest place.

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