Blog-The process of making money with your blog

How to make money from your blog

blogging can be a business venture which helps you relate, interact with friends, colleagues, and people from every works of life, which should be a motivator and a source of improving their lives based on your writing and the content of your blog.

We all have different reasons for writing a blog, some people write just for fun, some to supplement their income, while some write because of the love and pleasure they derive from writing. Some people make blogging a source of income by monetizing it and they try their best to create different streams of income through their blog by promoting ads through affiliate links and other profitable and useful links.

If we are made to review a blog or determine what it really is, Blogging can be a great business  which helps you have your independence and be your own boss by writing from home most of the time.


You can determine what time and hour you would like to put in every day, weekly, monthly to reach your goals and be with your loved ones at the same time. If done properly, you can make a whole lot of income with affiliate links and other products you promote.

We all have motives, goals, aspirations and purpose of wanting to write a blog. what is your goal and aspiration, could it be to make money or simply to have fun writing?, whatever your motives, aspirations are, the best way to start is by building a professional looking website or blog site that will pull your readers in and make them read your content which should be quality content that would make them want to come back.

There are different types of income streams and, every blogger has variety of income streams which motivates them to write. The good thing is, knowing different income streams might help in generating blogging ideas for you.  It is always good to build your brand on whatever niche you are working on before you start monetizing.
There are factors that you will need to consider when building your brand in order not to destroy the already built reputation that you worked so hard for.

Let’s look at some income streams that some bloggers would always want to look into, display of ads can be a long shot and these could be graphics, images which are equivalent to billboards or ads that we have on magazines.

Sometimes it is displayed on your sidebar, footer, the header of your blog or inside the available content of your blog. these particular Display ads are considered banner ads most of the time. They help in bringing relevance to your blog content and visitors alike. Similar to Display ads are Google adsense which is not hard to setup

There are other types of Ads and they are similar to display ads.  It includes Private Ads and it comes in various shapes or form and these include buttons or graphics displayed on blogs. These type of Ads often, are created through partnership.

Another way of monetizing your blog is through Reviews. Some Organization gives out their product to someone who blogs to review and sometimes give away to the readers.


Other avenues of monetizing your blog include Sponsored posts which are writing a post for a company about what they have to offer, Affiliate marketing simply means you are promoting someone’s product on your blog and getting commission for it.

Digital products means you will use your blog as a means of promoting your created products including Workshops, Ebooks, other programs online and so on.

Some people use the privilege of blogging to sell personal or physical products that they have, to their audience and the products could include books and any other available product. You can also become an authority on your blog and these will build trust, make it possible for you to sell whatever you have to offer.

To round it up, all you need to do to make money from a blog is starting a blog, create useful and reliable content, look for readers for your content, Try as much as possible to keep the motion going by building engagement with your readers.  Start making some money from your readers through various income streams on your blog, including affiliate income and more.

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