Ways to drive website traffic to your blog

Best ways to drive traffic to your website

Website traffic

Dad wakes up in the morning and he wants to start his car but, unfortunately he forgot last night to put gas in his car, what is he going to do and how will he get out of the house without gas in that car, same principle to an online business, first off, there will be no business at all without traffic, because if nobody is seeing what you are doing online then you are in “biiiig” trouble due to the fact that you will never make profit nor sale without traffic, so it is all about traffic.

It brings us to the question which is, how do we get website traffic to our business, be it a blog, e-commerce store or any online business.  Blogging is a good thing, but what is it that motivates us to write and how do we get compensated for writing our blog? from my point of view, the only way you get fulfilled for writing your blog is by getting website traffic and make money through your ads.

As we all know traffic is the brainchild of the internet, any online business including blogging without website traffic is useless.  Blogging without somebody seeing what we are doing is worthless, so what do we do to get traffic to our website or business and how do we go about it?.

Website traffic

There are so many traffic sources but the major ones that we know are SEO, Backlink generation and other ones, we can also get traffic to our website by posting on classified sites, traffic exchanges, Facebook Group, Safe list and other advertising platforms.

what ways do we know that will help us in driving website traffic to our business? from research, I have concluded that the following will help in the increase of your website traffic: your presentation to your audience will make them pick interest in what you have to say and most important is your blog title which is the magnet that attracts them to your article.

As we all know SEO, Backlink, PPC is a great way of driving traffic to your website, there are other ways of doing these and these include sending website traffic through Traffic Exchange, using Social media for your promotion, safe list, bookmarking sites.

Website traffic

The more you write the more you are getting more people to read your blog article, every blog with good images and keywords and video will definitely have an upper hand as far as readership.

Make sure you Insert links, include social buttons for people to help you share your article, tweet your articles.  Using email marketing as a source of promoting your blog will help in driving website traffic to your blog, most importantly is doing your best to invest your time or money in promoting your blog and articles.

As we all know readability is very important, make sure your blog is engaging and easy to read, this will make you have more people reading your stuff and you will have more readers through sharing of your content in other social media sites. 

Easily promote your blog in your profile online by inserting your link, make sure you include good subheadings.  Your RSS feed is available for visitors to subscribe and make sure they can bookmark for them to come back next time.  Giving comment and responding to others will go a long way.

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