What Can Fear Do To A Relationship?

Fear Of Losing A Precious Gift


Fear is one great thing and there are different dimensions to it which includes breaking up, being rejected, misunderstanding, judgement, loneliness,  loss, change, aging, being overwhelmed, being ignored from what you want, boredom, fear of control, fear to fail, and fear of being helpless.  Sometimes we become scared, especially when we have the most precious thing or valued relationship in our lives and we are griped with the fear of loosing that person or that partner or mate that we cherish the most.


That person that is precious to us most times is our partner or mate but sometimes it could be someone else like: friends , our kids and anyone that brings value and happiness to us. Sometimes that precious gift or mate in our lives has brought us joy and happiness which comes with understanding .  We have this fear of losing our mate due to the fact that a lot of funny things happen this days which sometimes do not have any explanation and does not really make any sense but still we are overwhelmed with being afraid for loss, even if our friends, partners, colleagues, kids are there for us.

fear of loss

Life sometimes can be full of surprises and tricks which is beyond our comprehension or understanding, but our greatest wish is that we love and cherish that mate or partner or friend that has brought us joy and happiness one way or the other.  Overcoming the concern of Loss with fear of losing goes a long way and it takes a lot of determination and effort to get to that cross road of dedication and determination not to lose as far as your relationship is concerned.  You should ask yourself this question “What am I afraid of losing?”.  A strong and powerful relationship with more effort will thrive and remain strong always. Sometimes we cant figure out what is making us insecure and fearful, sometimes fear of breakup and losing your partner can be very tasking and stressful because your mind is not at rest.

fear of being alone

It is always good to deal with fear by discussing with your partner and the best way to go about it is:

  • Tell your partner how you feel and let them know what is your reason for being  fearful.
  • It is wise to listen to what your partner have to say about their fears and both of you can deliberate and try  to come up with a solution to the problem at hand.
  • You need to understand that the fears that your partner has might trigger yours but you have to be steadfast.
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