Creativity – What helps us to be creative

What motivates you to be creative?

What helps us to be creativeThe question is what helps us to be creative?, Creativity is a thing of the mind and most times it is a Natural process which occurs as a result of intuition and inspiration from ideas and things around us. There are so many things around us which motivate us to be creative.

Sometimes it could be an event that happened at work, school, movies, store and other places of interest, sometimes it could be a particular event which inspired us, that will lead to some kind of creativity.

What are the things that help us to be creative, most of the time creativity is always as a result of ideas which pop into our heads and we decide to use it to generate something of value from our inspiration and motivation.
what helps us to be creativeOur willingness to nurture whatever ideas we have to reality and also our enthusiasm about a new skill and knowledge will always go a long way.  Sometimes we do have ideas, inspiration, and motivation, but unfortunately, the focus is not on our radar. The determination to focus will help in a lot of ways to improve our state of mind as far as being creative is concerned.

So, the question still is, what helps us to be creative?, There are so many things which could help us to be especially creative in designing creative contents which includes creative PR which arise from sources around us.

The good news about being creative is the willingness to take action on new things and the intention of exploiting more knowledge with skills and research that comes with it, the ability to concentrate, focused on a particular project is very important.
What helps us to be creative
Creativity, as we all know, is some kind of talent and it will be a good thing to help it grow by applying same principle of discipline and determination at all levels. Creativity, sometimes can be hard, especially if you are not really talented.

Sometimes we wonder about what helps us to be creative, as far as I know you can get creative ideas from things around you. Believing in what you can do, paying attention to others, sometimes motivating others will help you on your steps to being creative.

Meeting people who are talented and creative might help you in being motivated. Positivism will be a source of motivation for your creative mind and sometimes others might be our source when we learn from them. Having people who have creative minds like us, might be very helpful.
what helps us to be creativeThe level at which you can be creative is enormous and this includes learning from our family members,  friends,  from other sources such as crafts, artworks, games, animals and sometimes websites, including people around us might help us in being creative. All we need is to look around and do some research if we need to.






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