you never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice

The choice of being strong


It takes a while to get to the cross road and it takes a while to realize it, it also takes a while to be strong because that is the only choice you have, especially when you are at the crossroad or in a tight corner where confusion sets in and you don’t even know if you have to go forward or backward, but you remain there thinking of what to do because you are confused, due to life problems. No matter what situation we find ourselves, we just have to be strong.

being strong is a hard choice to make

Looking at our everyday lives, we all have different challenges which look us straight in the eye. An example is the case of a woman who’s husband is in the military and is being deployed to a different country and she has to deal with that for a long time, the orphan who misses his or her parents. being strong

The children who have to struggle to survive when parents should be there for them, the man who went to see a doctor and he is told he has a short life to live, because of a mysterious illness that takes up residence in his spinal cord, the man that had high hopes for a particular job and is disappointed.  The person looking for admission and could not get it, what about the contract you had high hopes for and it comes to shambles. strong All these people are on a crossroad of confusion and they have no choice but to be strong, irrespective of what the situation. In most cases a lot of people do not know how strong they can be until something happens, even though they are unhappy, they still remain strong.

to be strong is a choice you dont have in critical situationLife is not a bed of roses, different situation come and go, but we must remain strong and not let our past dictate our future, you must remain optimistic, be courageous no matter what, Economic issues could be part of our situation, especially when our situation is rough we really need to be strong. You must be hopeful no matter what the circumstance. Rough or hard times warrant strength and good will for a better life ahead of us.  With focus and determination we will overcome all our fears and the only way to do that is to be strong.


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